Buying new doors and windows for your house is both challenging and exciting. Not only do you have to ensure that its style matches your home décor but it is also of high quality with the right pricing. Few other things you have to consider are its durability, strength, comfort and ease of maintenance.

Recently, the demand for UPVC or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride windows has increased drastically as they look outstanding in urban homes and builder apartments. Instead of choosing any random brand and manufacturer, do some research and look for someone reputable. To maintain their reputation, they provide high-quality UPVC doors and windows.

4 Vital Components Of High-Quality Doors And Windows

1. uPVC Profiles

The multi-chambered sections in UPVC windows reinforced with steel to increase their strength are known as uPVC profiles. Glass panels are fitted in this frame during window installation. If you want the windows to last longer, choose lead-free UPVC profiles. They should also be resistant to flaking and cracking. Flame-retardant materials can be exposed to fire.

2. UV Resistance

You can save the windows from discolouration by choosing materials that are resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Unless they are UV resistant, you will notice that the windows have developed a yellowish tinge if exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period. Titanium dioxide ensures the colour stability of white uPVC profiles. It should be present in the right proportion.

3. Glass Specifications

Glass installed in doors and windows has a thickness of around 4 to 6 millimetres. Instead of choosing any random glass variety, you find appealing, consider its pricing, safety and functionality. Float glass is transparent and lets you enjoy clear views of the outdoors. Laminated glass is safer. A layer of resin is sandwiched between two glass layers. Even if the window breaks, the glass pieces will stick to the resin instead of falling off.

4. Security

Choose Alan Hill Windows for UPVC windows in Cardiff, and you can rest assured that they will offer optimum security. The glass in double-glazed laminated windows is hard to break. High-quality steel doesn’t rust, which makes them suitable for hardware like hinges, handles and screws. If you are looking for additional security, you can even ask the manufacturer to install a multi-point locking system in the window.

Since you are now aware of all the vital features of high-quality UPVC doors and windows, it’s time you get in touch with the experienced installers at Alan Hill Windows.

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