How do you know that it is time to replace your standard doors and windows? Even the best quality doors and windows are subject to wear and tear. Upgrading your windows to double glazed variety could help add to your comfort, even as reducing energy bills. The right amount of ventilation enhances your family’s quality of life while adding value to your property. Here are the six vital signs why you should consider switching to Double Glazing sooner than later.

6 Signs Why You Need Double Glazed Doors and Windows in Cardiff

1. Signs of Distress

Rotting or warping are classic signs that yell for new doors and windows. Wooden frames can be particularly tricky and often the first to bear the brunt of extreme weather conditions. When ignored, rotting can wear away the entire wood, making it hard for doors and windows to open. Poor quality doors and windows often get discoloured with ageing.

2. High Energy Bills

Standard windows can have a considerable impact on your home insulation. Contemporary double glazed doors and windows are designed to keep out hot air during summer, thus reducing the need for air-conditioning. The opposite happens during winter when double glazing can prevent the heat from central heating to escape outside. This significantly helps reduce energy bills.

3. Hard to Open and Close

This is one of the key warnings to consider replacement of old doors and windows with new-age ones. Your doors, windows, and casements are important escape routes in case there is an emergency. Difficulty opening them could lead to vital time loss in such trying times. Primarily, this beats the very reason why we need windows and doors at all.

4. Windows Aren’t Soundproofing

Contemporary double glazed windows are designed to cut down sound transfer, which can lead to a far better quality of life for the inmates. This is particularly essential if you live by major roads and expressways. If your house is constantly subjected to such high decibels of noise from outside, then it is wise to consider an upgrade to double glazed doors and windows.

5. Leaking Windows 

Leaks, Cracks, Gaps, Chips, and Scratches only add to the woes of the homeowner. Fissures slowly but steadily keep on ruining doors and windows. Moisture leaking can lead to mould infestation on the inner frames of doors and windows. Wrongly installed structures and missing seals are often culprits leading to such issues. Such instances call for replacement with double-glazed panes as repair works can be expensive and not cost-effective enough in the long run.

6. Uncomfortable Room

If your home always feels uncomfortable and damp, it could be your old single-pane window that is to be blamed. Modern double glazed windows can help maintain ambient temperature that can give the much-needed cosy feeling your home deserves.

Installing double glazing in Cardiff can be a long term investment in your quality of life. With our handy guide, now you know when it’s time to replace!

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