Installing composite doors have almost become a trend nowadays. Numerous homeowners are willing to replace the white uPVC doors in their house with composite doors. There are many suppliers and installers of composite doors scattered all over the UK. Visit someone reputed like Alan Hill Windows and they will let you choose from a wide variety of products. But before you choose the best door variety which matches your home décor, enhance your knowledge about composite doors.

The Basics Of Composite Doors

The primary difference between uPVC and composite doors is that the former is completely made of plastic. The composite door, on the other hand, is made of various types of materials. They are specially designed to make them more durable, sturdy, secure and attractive than traditional plastic doors.

They are highly engineered and designed so hire experienced door installers to ensure the success of your project. Some door manufacturers even use synthetic material to make composite doors which render the product the look and feel of a wooden door. They have reinforced skin that gives them the look of grain finish.

Know The Manufacturing Process

Since a wide variety of materials are moulded together to make the doors more robust and durable, they are glued and pressed together under high pressure. Few of the common materials generally used are sustainable timber, metal and glass-reinforced plastic.

The manufacturing process is customised to make the door thicker and stronger and provide better insulation and security. The hardwood inner frame and the PVC sub-frame in a composite door support the overall structure and make it resilient to various climatic conditions. In some doors, there is a thin layer of polyurethane foam inside for better thermal efficiency.

How To Avoid Problems In Composite Doors?

Though there are numerous benefits of installing composite doors, there are a few homeowners who have not yet approached a door supplier. It is primarily because they think that installing composite doors will lead to a wide variety of problems. It is a myth you should debunk. You might have to face problems with composite doors only if you try to fit them yourself instead of hiring door installers. The solid construction of composite doors makes them very weighty and is not easy to deal with. You will need at least two people if you try a DIY.

These being said, it’s time you get in touch with a reputed supplier of composite doors.

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