There has recently been an increase in the number of people installing double glazing. This is primarily because these windows can enhance the visual appeal of your property drastically. Just approach an experienced installer and they will offer energy-efficient double-glazing in a wide variety of designs and styles. Choose something which matches your home decor and enhancing the visual appeal of your property will become easier. You can even customise the double glazing in Cardiff to suit your requirements and reap more benefits

4 Types Of Double Glazing For People In Cardiff To Choose From

1. Traditional Casement

If you are staying in a traditional English looking house, just approach a reliable double glazing supplier and ask him to install beautiful casement windows. They will let you choose from a wide variety of colours to match your home decor. The traditional casement windows are generally preferred by homeowners willing to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their property and save energy. You can open both the haves from its middle and get the best ventilation. It will also become easier for you to enjoy the pleasant weather outside.

2. Tilt And Turn

Though the tilt and turn double glazing looks quite similar to the traditional casement windows, they offer better security and performance. Just tilt them inward from the top and you can reap all the benefits offered by this window variety. Not only will the windows provide excellent climate control but you can also get the best ventilation and fresh air just by tilting them. As far as climate control feature is concerned, they are both affordable and effective.

3. Vertically Sliding Sash

Though the vertically sliding sash windows are a bit expensive, they include numerous features and this is why these windows are widely preferred by people in Cardiff. uPVC is used to make the modern version of the vertically sliding sash windows. This not only increases the utility of the windows but also makes them more secure. You can tilt the top and bottom panes inward which make it easier for you to clean them. This is why these windows are considered to be the upgraded version of the tilt and turn windows.

4. Reversible Windows

The style and design of reversible windows have changed drastically in the last few years which have made them more secure. Gone are the days when your children and pets could climb through them. If you are opting for reversible double glazed windows, inform the supplier that you have children at home and they will install locks with better security. You can even clean them with ease by rotating those 180 degrees. The ventilation offered by them is quite similar to the casement windows. Just make sure not to install them in ground-floor windows.

Since you are now aware of the various styles and designs of double glazed windows, it’s time you install one matching your home decor and enhance the value and visual appeal of your house.

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