Every homeowner wants a front door which is durable and bold. If you are planning to install one in your house and make a style statement, choose the right supplier of doors and windows. You can either choose one of the traditional colours or opt for bespoke hues. One of the primary reasons homeowners prefer installing composite doors in Cardiff is that they are available in a wide variety of colours. You can choose one which matches the rest of your house.

3 Popular Colour Choices For Composite Doors In Cardiff


A purple front door will add a splash of colour to your home. They are known for promoting good health and success in one’s career. If a few cultures, it is associated with wealth, royalty and honour. Some people also consider it to be a spiritual colour worn by priests and pastors. If you want to invite opportunities to your home, visit Alan Hill Windows and install a beautiful purple front door in your house.


Just like purple, blue front doors are also quite popular as it creates a sense of calmness. People enter your house through the front door so choosing the right colour is a must. Blue is a very powerful colour and can bring a lot of positive energy to a space. It presents loyalty, trust and stability. Sometimes, the shade is linked with feelings of security and safety.


Though you won’t find many properties in Cardiff with black front doors, the shade is quite bold and can help you create a style statement instantly. Black UPVC Doors work very well in an open space. Though you can use them as interior doors as well, installers generally advise to avoid using them in a confined area with a confluence of doorways. It can make the space look chaotic.

Since there are so many colour options for composite doors, it’s time you get in touch with Alan Hill Windows and choose a front door for your house.

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