If you want to give your home a more stylish look without punching a hole in your pocket, this is the right time to replace the traditional doors in your house with UPVC products. Not only will they make your home more secure but you can also choose a colour which matches your home decor. Though a majority of the people choose white uPVC doors as they suit almost every property in Cardiff, the coloured version is also quite popular nowadays. If you are willing to make your house more colourful, choose an experienced door installer and enhance your knowledge about the product.

2 Types Of Coloured UPVC Door Finishes

1. Spray Painted UPVC Doors

If you want to change the colour of the UPVC door installed in your house with the least hassles, just spray the frames with a colour of your choice. You can also spray them in the factory before installation if you don’t want paint stains on the wall. Gone are the days when the door paint used to fade and peel after every few years. Door installers nowadays use modern paint technology so they can last for years with minimal maintenance. Some paints are specially manufactured to use with UPVC or other hard plastic like acrylic, polycarbonate and polyester powder coatings. Few benefits of installing spray painted UPVC doors are,

  1. Available in various colours
  2. Can choose from satin, gloss or matt finish
  3. UV resistant
  4. Metallic or pearlescent finish
  5. Scratch and fade resistant

2. Laminated Foil Coloured UPVC Doors

The primary difference between Spray Painted UPVC Doors and Laminated Foil Coloured UPVC Doors is the painting process. The latter can be painted only while manufacturing them in the factory. A coloured foil or skin is laid on the surface of the frame and baked. The heat helps to fuse or bond the coloured foil to the frame surface. The foil also gets a texture which can give your UPVC Doors in Cardiff a unique look. Choose the timber-grain effect surface finish you want the doors to look like real timber. Few colour options you can choose from are,

  1. Black
  2. Chartwell Green
  3. Rosewood
  4. Brown
  5. Dark Red
  6. Royal Blue
  7. Cream
  8. Olive Green
  9. Mahogany
  10. Pearl Grey
  11. Light Oak
  12. Sapele
  13. Crown Platinum

Combine Colours

If you are not sure which colour will suit your UPVC or Composite Doors in Cardiff, feel free to combine them. Choose one colour for the exterior part of the door and another to paint the interior frame. Generally, people prefer combining a mahogany exterior with a white interior or a cream interior with black or brown exterior. It is always advisable to choose white or light colour interior frame as it helps in giving the optical illusion of the frame being thin.

These being said, it’s time you choose one of the two types of coloured UPVC door finishes and start looking for an experienced company offering it.

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