If you plan to replace uPVC or timber doors with composite doors to increase security and thermal efficiency, you must hire a professional for installation. While composite doors can be installed relatively easily, professional installers are needed to ensure it’s done properly.

If you’re getting customised composite doors to fit a specific door opening, you must hire professional fitters for the proper fitting service. For composite doors in Cardiff, contact professional fitters who will help you with timely installation services.

How long does it take a professional to install a composite doors?

With a professional installer in your team, you can complete the installation process within a few hours. Do you want to install a special security lock or a doorbell to the door? You might need more time for additional installation requirements.

If it is a new installation, the total time taken is less compared to a replacement. For instance, if you already have an uPVC door installed, the installers will remove the existing door and reinstall the composite door, making the process longer.

Is composite door installation an easy process?

If you hire someone with prior door fitting experience, the installation process is fast and easy. A skilled professional can install the composite door fairly easily. However, if you try to install it all by yourself, the process can become time-consuming.

How long does the DIY composite door installation take?

Composite doors are easy to install, and you can opt for DIY installations if you’ve prior experience installing doors. For beginners, this can be a problem. For an individual with basic knowledge of door installation, 4 to 5 hours is sufficient. However, there will be no guarantee that the door will fit properly.

If you experience odd sounds, loose doors, or problems opening and closing the door, contact professionals to fix the problem.

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