Many people need clarification on the terms secondary glazing and double glazing. The process of secondary glazing is easier compared to double glazing. There’s a thin line of difference between both. Are you confused between double glazing and secondary glazing? Here are a few differences that can help you to get a fair idea.

Is secondary glazing as good as double glazing?

In double-glazed doors or windows, two sheets of glass are used with a gap in between, filled with gas. On the other hand, secondary glazing is the process of installing a supplementary pane of glass on the existing single-glazed door or window. Although both double and secondary glazing will improve the energy efficiency level, a few points of difference between both might help you make the decision.

What are the differences between secondary glazing and double glazing?

Improved thermal efficiency

Double glazing is popular for its insulating power. It can stop the heat from entering the premises and the interior heat from escaping outside. In terms of thermal efficiency, double glazing should be your ultimate choice. Secondary glazing also allows thermal efficiency. However, a double-glazed door or window is more effective.

Installation permission

You would require permission from the local authorities to install a double-glazing window or door. For instance, if your building is listed in the conservation area, you must take proper permission before planning the double-glazing process. Otherwise, you might run into trouble. On the contrary, no such permission is required to install secondary glazing. You can easily ask the local installer to get the same installed.

Noise prevention

With the help of double glazing, you can cut off all types of noise from the outside. Secondary glazing is also a great option for cutting down the noise. The greater the cavity between the two panes, the more noise it can prevent. When the cavity is high, the dampening effect is better. Both secondary and double glazing offers noise protection features. However, double glazing is a more convenient option to reduce noise than the secondary glazing option.

Cost of installation

Double glazing is expensive compared to secondary glazing. So if you think of installing double glazing, you must get a new unit fitted. The installed will not be able to fit a sheet merely on the existing sheet of glass. Moreover, the middle portion between the two sheets is filled with argon gas in every double-glazed window or door. Thus, the process is expensive, and you need professional installers. On the contrary, secondary glazing is a far cheaper option. You will get DIY kits and can ask any random local installer to install the same easily.

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