uPVC doors and windows have been growing popular over the last few years. However, before installing uPVC doors and windows, people have second thoughts about the same. Although the list of benefits that a uPVC door or window has is unlimited, there are a few myths that every homeowner needs to overcome before installing uPVC doors and windows for their house. 

You’ll get a wide range of uPVC doors and windows in Cardiff. However, is it worth the money? Will it last long? Check out the myths and get rid of the same at the earliest. 

Myths Related to uPVC Doors and Windows

Myth 1: Needs special care and maintenance 

Unlike the wooden doors and windows, you don’t need to be scared about uPVC frames. They don’t need repainting, varnishing or any other special care. They will stay new for years and can withstand all weather conditions. You can clean them by washing them with soap and water. 

Myth 2: Dull and colourless

Some people have the vague idea that uPVC doors and windows are generally colourless and dull. However, walk into the stores and check out Cardiff’s wide range of uPVC doors and windows. Moreover, they are manufactured to withstand all types of weather conditions; hence they stay the same for years without administering any change in the texture or the colour of the door. 

Myth 3: Not fire safe

This is a completely false statement that can be made about the quality of uPVC doors and windows. Although they might not be able to withstand the flames for a long duration, they provide enough time for the inhabitants to vacate the premises before the front door and window frames get caught in the burning flames. 

Myth 4: Not sturdy or durable 

uPVC is a sturdy material. It is manufactured with sturdy and durable material. They can withstand any weather conditions and have the ability to last for more than 30 years. Sturdy and good fitness are the major advantages of uPVC doors and windows. Hence the myth behind non-durability is false. 

Myth 5: Damaged by UV rays 

Almost all uPVC doors and windows have been devised to withstand UV rays. They have a special UV protection option that helps maintain the doors’ quality. Moreover, you’ll not encounter any harmful gases within the house’s premises if uPVC doors are attached. 

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