Do you wish to burglar-proof your home? Are you on the lookout for effective ways to keep your home and family safe? Installing high-quality UPVC Doors in Cardiff can be the ideal way to dramatically improve home security. Trust us; having UPVC doors installed can be the key to keep your home secured from criminal activities.

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) is a low maintenance component used in the building and construction industry. UPVC doors are probably one of the most efficient door installations. Available for homes as well as residential properties, these doors are ideal for everyone seeking safety, comfort and style. What makes UPVC windows and doors immensely popular among homeowners in Cardiff is that they have the right aesthetics as well as functionality.

Wondering how can UPVC doors secure your home? Read on.

3 Great Ways UPVC Doors in Cardiff Can Improve The Security Of Your Home

1. Internal Beading

Gone are the days when double glazed products had the beading fitted on the outside of the glass. Nowadays, internal beading is fitted as a standard in almost every UPVC window and door. If someone wants to break into your house with modern UPVC doors, they will have to smash the glass. This will create a lot of noise and grab the attention of your neighbours that something is wrong.

2. Modern Locks & Bolts

Older doors have only one lock which clicks into the frame at the door’s middle, making it easier for intruders to force their way into a property. However, the newest doors have multiple locking points, as well as barrel points with anti-lift pins and anti-drill design along with hinge protectors. This means that when you install UPVC doors in Cardiff in your home, they will able to prevent a would-be burglar from lifting doors.

3. Fire Safety

Having UPVC doors fitted opens up the great opportunity to make the property safer in the event of a fire. This means that even if there’s fire in your house, UPVC doors can drastically improve the security of your home. Hiring a company which offers bespoke door installation services can thus be the only difference between the life and death of you and your family.

Useful Tips To Boost the security on UPVC doors

Modern UPVC doors are usually very secure in comparison to the other door varieties. However, it’s always a great idea to further boost your security. There are many possibilities to enhance the security of your doors. Some of the most effective solutions are-

  • Ensure your door is fitted with a lock which cannot be snapped
  • Boost your security with a multi-point locking system
  • Improve security with hinge bolts – an effective and affordable solution
  • Install jammers to add an extra layer of security
  • Strengthen French doors with a patlock
  • Add a door chain for an additional layer of security

So what are you still here for? Quickly look for a renowned installer and get modern UPVC doors fitted in your house!

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