For every house, having strong and sturdy windows is a must. There are different kinds of windows available in the market, but every customer should choose wisely. Windows are the linking factor of your house to the outside environment. The correct choice of windows will save your property from hail, storm and heat damage. You can also install UPVC windows in Cardiff for a greater outcome. 

Customisation of windows is also a clever option, as you can change the window style as per your taste. In this blog, we will discuss the most popular variety of window types in the UK.  

Popular Windows Preferences For People

1. Sash Windows  

These types of windows have two sashes. They slightly overlap because of which they slide up and down the frame. However, these two parts are not necessarily of a similar size. The windows are mostly made from aluminium, wood and UPVC.  

Pros: It is energy-saving since double-hung sash windows come with an extra coating of weather stripping. They add value to the property, and you can clean it easily too.  

Cons: All types of sash windows are not energy efficient. They do not provide good ventilation.   

2. UPVC Windows   

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is the material utilised for making UPVC windows. It keeps away dirt, dust, pollution and also helps to retain the temperature. It is multipurpose and multi-functional. Buy windows with double glazing in Cardiff for maximum output.  

Pros: UPVC windows look aesthetically pleasing. It offers enhanced security, saves energy bills by helping with energy efficiency, renders thermal insulation, is easy to maintain, provides high ventilation and noise cancellation features.  

Cons: You can find them slightly expensive when compared to traditional windows.  

3. Tilt And Turn Windows 

These windows open upward in two different ways. It tilts vertically for a secure ventilation system. Or else, it swings inward and horizontally for complete opening.  

Pros: You can choose these windows for the living room area since air can enter and exit the room. You can easily clean the window from inside or outside. The multi-point locking system of these windows provides maximum safety.

Cons: It demands high maintenance and comes with wider frames. Hence, they have a shorter lifespan. The room space gets limited, and often it cannot prevent water flow.   

4. Casement Windows  

The casement windows are highly convenient. The glass panes are attached to the frame with one or more hinges. This is why the windows open externally. The opening casement can be at the sides, top or bottom. Most people prefer the top hung ones since it prevents the penetration of rain.  

Pros: It offers great insulation, allows more airflow inside the rooms, and you can open it easily. It is an excellent choice for replacement windows too. 

Cons: Unstable casement windows can break because of high blowing wind.  

5. Roof Windows 

They are like open windows, installed on the roofs to allow the free flow of air and light. It is  large than the skylights. You have to install them in a similar orientation as the roof. The material used to make these are aluminium, steel and UPVC.    

Pros: It allows the penetration of natural light. The house ventilation improves since you can keep them open for long hours.  

Cons: Roof windows have a shorter life span. If exposed to harsh weather, it can get damaged. You cannot clean them easily since they are hard to reach.  

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