Composite doors can be an excellent fit for any house, no matter it is the front or the back door. Like any other product, it also has its set of pros and cons. Still, you will indeed find more benefits than disadvantages of composite doors in Cardiff. Here are some of the crucial pros and cons of composite doors.


1. They are SecureĀ 

If you are looking for security, then composite doors can be the best fit for you. The strength and quality of the door are best compared to any other door. It has a unique locking mechanism, even inside the door. These doors will surely save your house from trespassers.

2. Durability and Style

It’s lucky for you that composite doors come in different, colours, styles, and patterns. You can choose to be secure in low maintenance and yet get a stylish door for your back or front entrance.

Moreover, the composite door does not lose the sense of durability in the race of being stylish. These doors are durable, long-lasting, strong, and energy-efficient.


1. They are Expensive

One of the main turn-offs about composite doors is that they are expensive than uPVC doors. It may seem costly, but when you weigh all the advantages you get from composite doors, you would understand you are paying for what you are buying and that entirely worth the money.

2. They Creak

The creaking sound that the composite doors make is also another turn off for these doors. This is because the plastic inside the doors contract and expand as they come in contact with heat. That’s the reason you would only hear the creaking sound when it is too hot, or the sun is still out.

Composite doors are way better than wooden doors, in all aspects, be it security, durability, or style. If you are looking to purchase and install a composite door at your place you are recommended to get in touch with Alan Hill Windows. They are reputable names in delivering excellent product as well as efficient services in door and window installation segment.

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