With abundance of conservatories in different shapes, styles and sizes, only a careful thought and proper planning can help you choose the right one that fits with your home perfectly and serves the purposes absolutely.

Here are some things that you should consider while planning a glazed extension to your home.

  • Size – While determining the size, make sure you have sufficient space to enjoy the structure. It would be better to mark out planned dimension in the living room so you can estimate which furniture you can fit there.
  • Materials – There are a wide array of materials for the Conservatories in Cardiff. Be it for frames, glazing, roofs or masonry – there’s no dearth of materials. Consider the texture and mood you want to implement. Some like ‘outdoor’ feel with tiled floor, patio furniture and stone or bare brick for the walls while others like the ‘indoor’ flavour with soft furnishings, carpeting and wall covering. When it comes to framing material, aluminum with thermal breaks are preferred owing to its heat insulation property. Such frames are available in a wide range of finishes and colours. Then again, uPVC is the most sought after framing materials due to its long life expectancy and little maintenance. Wood is preferred by homeowners who love real things only.
  • Glazing – When glazing is considered, double glazing in Cardiff is the most popular as this keeps the conservatory comfortable throughout the year. Heat loss can be cut with low emissivity glass. If the conservatory is west or south facing, it would be good to use solar control glass for the side panels and roof of the conservatory. Solar control options include ‘body tinted glass’ and ‘metallic coated’ glass. While the former absorbs heat of the sun, the latter is absolutely natural in look and appearance without obstructing the view.
  • Roofing – This is another important aspect to take care of. There are two key roofing options – polycarbonate and glass. Glass roofing gives a clean view. This can be often supplied with self-cleaning coating and solar control. Alternatively, safety filmed glass and laminated glass add protection from failing debris on the roof glazing. Polycarbonate roofing can create a softer light effect even in brightest sun though it is a bit noisier in hail and heavy rain.
  • Sound control – Be it music, rain, lawn mower, aircraft or traffic noise, if you can somehow reduce the impact of surrounding sound, you can enhance the enjoyment and fun of the conservatory to a great extent. Use of laminated glass can significantly reduce the amount of sound transferring out of or into the conservatory. Moreover, laminated and/or acoustic laminated glasses have additional benefit of reducing UV light transmission. In other words, such glasses prevent sun bleaching of your furniture.
  • Ventilation – Make sure your conservatory lets in fresh air while avoiding condensation. Many roofs feature built-in trickle ventilation while Building Regulations require a certain area of opening windows. You can install opening roof vents that can be controlled with rain sensors.

These are just a few things you should certainly consider while planning a conservatory. In addition, you can get some benefits of choosing a top uPVC door and windows installer.

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