Do you wish to make your period property or listed building energy-efficient? Are you on the lookout for doors and windows which can make a difference to your heritage home? Installing high-quality double glazing in Cardiff can be your most informed home improvement decision. Trust us; energy-efficient glazed doors and windows will make your house comfier.

Period properties and listed buildings are often forbidden from making significant structural changes, owing to their historical importance. However, this means that these heritage homes usually tend to have poor insulation. This is because; the old single glazed windows act as their only protection against the cold. And, even though there’s a wide availability of options for homeowners to overcome this issue, nothing’s more beneficial than double glazing.

Here’s all you need to know about double glazing for period homes and listed structures.

Choosing Double Glazing in Cardiff for Period Properties

Owners of period properties often face restrictions when it comes to dealing with noise and draughts. Double-glazed windows and doors allow you to eliminate the draughts coming into your home, thus reducing your energy costs.

You can reap the benefits of double glazing without compromising on the charm, character or value of their house. Some key benefits of installing double-glazed windows and doors for your period home are-

  • Authentic heritage look
  • Great thermal efficiency
  • Wide availability
  • A plethora of choices to select from
  • Easy replacement and repairs

Installing Double Glazing Doors And Windows In Listed Buildings

Just like period homes, listed buildings too face strict rules when it comes to making structural changes. However, double glazing does not cause any damage to the original windows. Therefore, double-glazed doors and windows in Cardiff are a viable choice for owners of listed buildings. Installing double-glazing can give your home the exemplary benefits of a new, added layer of glaze without affecting the aesthetic appearance.

What To Consider When Choosing A Double Glazing Installer

1. Look For A Reputable Company

Choose a double glazing installer with an excellent reputation of offering high-quality windows and doors. Go through testimonials on the company website and read online reviews to get an idea of what it’s like to seek their services. Make sure the company you are hiring has a proven record of providing the highest quality products to customers.

2. Check Accreditations & Credentials

You need to hire an installer who has vast experience in installing windows and doors. Also, look for FENSA approved installers who provide dependable installations. Knowing that your installations are carried out by experts will give you complete peace of mind.

3. Consider Quality of Services

Ensure the installer you are hiring specialises in offering premium quality double glazing which stands the test of time. Check if the company has a wide array of designs, styles and finishes for you to choose from.

Whether you live in a Victorian, Edwardian house or a listed structure, double glazing is ideal for every heritage home. So what are you still thinking of? Approach a reputable installer and enhance the look of your heritage home with double-glazed windows and doors!

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