Windows are an integral part of the aesthetics of the house. It protects the inhabitants against rough weather conditions and brightens the interiors with fresh air and warm sun rays. Hence using the right type of material to install a window is essential. You’ll commonly find three types of windows in Cardiff: aluminium windows, wooden windows and uPVC windows. 

Each material has its own set of pros and cons. However, uPVC windows are preferred over others nowadays. Wooden windows might make the frames look aesthetically pleasing. However, uPVC is a more favourable option. To know why, read the blog. 

Here’s why uPVC windows are more favourable compared to wooden windows. 

What is the difference between wooden and uPVC windows? 

There are many differences between uPVC and wooden windows, but the key difference is in the material used. uPVC windows are made of a plastic called polyvinyl chloride, while wooden windows are made of wood. UPVC windows are made of a type of plastic called polyvinyl chloride. 

UPVC is a very strong material and is almost completely weatherproof. It doesn’t warp, shrink or swell in extreme weather conditions. This means that UPVC windows require very little maintenance and will last many years. Wooden windows, on the other hand, are made from natural materials and must be regularly treated with oil or varnish to protect them from the elements. Wood is also susceptible to warping and rotting in humid environments. Wooden windows are, therefore, not as waterproof as UPVC windows and may need to be replaced more often. 

UPVC windows are also much cheaper than wooden windows. UPVC is a synthetic material that can be manufactured quickly and cheaply. Wooden windows, on the other hand, are made from natural materials which are in short supply and, therefore, more expensive to produce.

uPVC windows are also much easier to clean than wooden windows. They do not accumulate dirt and dust as easily and can be cleaned with a simple wet cloth. Wooden windows, on the other hand, require regular cleaning with a specialised wood cleaner to keep them looking good.

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