In order to protect your property from burglars and intruders, it is important to choose the right door. Surely, you can customise the door’s materials to enhance the home’s aesthetic value. However, it will be a wiser decision to invest in a door that can last longer, ensuring absolute durability.

The Primary Choices of Doors:

When it comes to sturdy materials for doors, you will primarily get two choices: composite and UPVC. These are the most popular choices, thanks to the climatic condition and various physical factors. However, there are a few important points that differentiate these two kinds of doors.

What Makes UPVC and Composite Doors Different?

The major distinguishing factors between composite and UPVC doors are discussed below. A proper study will help you make informed decisions while purchasing doors for your property.

  • Material:

    It is a key point of difference that can determine the buyer’s choice. The UPVC doors are primarily made of plastic and other components, which makes them literally weatherproof. On the other hand, the raw material of composite doors consists of multiple panels of wood clamped together. These offer the same benefits as UPVC but act as a big upgrade. The raw material makes composite doors much more robust and weatherproof.

  • Design and Colours:

    Typically, UPVC doors are white, but you can consider customising the colour that suits your choice. However, when considering changing the colour, you must know that the options are limited. In comparison, composite doors are much more reliable in colour upgradation. You can get multiple options matching your property’s interior and exterior aesthetics.

  • Security and Durability:

    The composite doors have a core made of high-density polyurethane. It makes the door extremely hard, which makes your home practically impregnable. However, the core of UPVC doors is made of styrofoam, which is not as durable as the composite core. Apart from being durable, the core of composite doors makes them thermally efficient. This, again, reassures you that your home is protected against intruders.

These are a few important factors that differentiate composite doors from their UPVC counterparts. If you are looking to purchase one for your home, you can get in touch with Alan Hill Window Systems. Being one of the reliable names for composite doors in Cardiff, we have served a number of clients over the years. Our team is well known for providing materials that suit customers’ choices. For more information, you can visit our website today.

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