Want to save your home’s energy? Instead of relying only on lower consumption of appliances, put your focus on upgrading into energy-efficient windows. Old wooden windows and aluminium windows are weak links to saving energy.

So, Who Is The Culprit For Monthly Hefty Energy Bills?

One of the most significant factors is your window. Old windows are mostly single-glazed and single glass pane thick. New age energy-efficient windows are triple as well as double glazed that have two or three panes merged together to seal the airflow. If the glazing is more, then more energy will be saved.

Why Are Energy Efficient Windows Such Great Choice?

Energy-efficient windows like Alan Hill Windows are an amazing choice when it comes to saving money. Here’s why:

  • Popular window makers and installers add gases and coatings in between the window panes for preventing certain wavelengths of the solar heat from seeping in. This saves a lot of energy.
  • A lot of double-glazed windows have argon sealed in between for preventing loss of heat.
  • The most functional coating laced on glazing is known to be Low-emissivity or Low-e. This coating is thin and majorly invisible that is applied to the glass which allows visible illumination to get through but stops the radiated heat waves from doing the same. It keeps the heat saved inside without generating the need of switching on the heaters.
  • Low-e coating is available for application to existing panes for energy efficiency.

The Seven Quick Reasons To Install Energy Efficient Windows

  • Insulates the home better by keeping warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Makes the outside noise lesser audible
  • Provides higher resistance from impact
  • Protects the interior furnishings from fading inside the home
  • Adds to the appearance of the house
  • Saves money from lesser usage of heater or AC
  • Saves a lot of energy

Want your old windows to be replaced? Upgrade to energy-efficient ones.

Every country has a different rating and certification system which helps organizations as well as individuals for protecting the environment. This does not only apply to windows but other products like doors as well.

Quick Tips To Installing New Energy Efficient Windows

  • Figure out exactly where you would like to install new doors and windows. It is ideal that you place them from the place where the home receives maximum sunlight and solar heat.
  • Make sure your contractor or builder adheres to the national as well as energy codes.
  • If you are looking to improve the existing windows, you need to meet an energy auditor to determine the best window frame you need for your home. Energy-efficient windows are comparatively cheap on its long-run function than normal old windows.
  • Choose a decent shape that suits your home space and do not go overboard in design.
  • Also, in order to save money, do not compromise with the quality. Install the best that suits your need.

Doors and windows Cardiff have a lot of homes that are installed with energy-efficient windows. If you need one as well, contact Alan Hill Windows today.

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